by Ban Hatton

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Press Quotes:

"There is an honesty and sincerity found in Ban Hatton’s songs that I find endearing and inspirational. Where some artists leave you feeling as though they are creating music more for their audience than themselves, Ban Hatton successfully creates a sound that feels both personal and more like a diary entry than a song for the public." -Vents Magazine

"The entire album is immersive and rich in depth, proving the possibilities are endless for the future of Ban Hatton." -The Big Takeover

"Walls is thoughtful, heartfelt, and embraces the well-beaten back roads of America. There’s rock running through the folk. There’s gold in the alt-country." -Scallywag Magazine

"Hatton certainly has a gift. His lyrics are not only poetic, but they are memorable, causing the listener to pause and reflect on their meaning." -Contact Music

"Walls highlights a phenomenal songwriter who is capable of tapping into a wealth of human emotions." -Jaded Culture

"Hatton's 'Walls' a stripped-down record filled with thoughtful, intimate lyrics." -Big Sky State Buzz

"This album is a testament to hard work, dedication and a passion for storytelling and easy listening music." -On Request Magazine

"...an artist that has improved by leaps and bounds." -No More Division

"...this is a collection filled with poetic odes to lost loves. In some curious manner, though, he makes it all work for ten solid, reflective songs." -Monoblogue

"The album marks a beginning to a career in music that can only expand." - New Sick Music


released August 17, 2015


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by David Raouf and Scott Merten.

Voice, guitar(s), bass, harmonica, hand percussion- Ban Hatton.

Drums- David Raouf.



all rights reserved


Ban Hatton Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Backed By The River
it’s been a couple days since I’ve seen you smile
come sit by me, turn the radio down and stay a while

you were so pretty that day in your dancing shoes
and that polka dot dress just spinning around the room

laughing with a room temp drink in your hand
why don’t you stay with me, just a little bit, I know you can

cos’ those butterflies fade, but in that moment I saw
I saw it in you, and in me, in your eyes, God I want it all

and as you’re dancing with him, only I know the truth
he ain’t the one, I am, and I see it in you

and now these memories fade, not only out of desire
but of the stone cold truth, there’s just no fire

so I stumble out of Red’s and stay up late tonight
sitting by the river hoping you just might float by
Track Name: Brothers
little white lie
little girl popping adderall
she’s such a loud hot mess
got me feeling sentimental now

the open road with her will clear your head
remind you who you’re gonna be
but her home is gonna chain you down
it’s never gonna set you free

lean in close enough to feel your breath
slowing on my skin
the way this place feels changes
every single time you walk back in

so don’t stop now
tear me down and make me play the part
grab your coat and pay your tab
we’ve still got a few hours in the dark

but I can see something wrong keep’s happening
and I don’t know what it is, I just wanna go home tonight
to see all my family
I need my brothers nearby they’re just about all that will get me right
get me right

such a ground shaking girl
with such a tiny little silhouette
don’t think you’ll make it out alive
she’ll make you hedge your bets

pack your bags, before you know
she’s hustled you right down the road
she’s gonna build you up fast
but she tears you down oh so slow


I woke up yesterday and read the news
this stuff just makes me fall apart
I can’t imagine what it’s done to you
thank god you’ve got such a true heart

I know the end is such a long ways out
what’s in your way is now a wall
but Josh believe in me you’re gonna see
you’re still standing oh so tall

Track Name: Going Home
I can see by the way you stare at me
that heaven is just a place you'll never see
but I’ve been trudging up a mountain
just to see across the road
it’s times like these oh lord they’re sure nice to know
but now it’s time for me to go home

but icy silence follows every footstep I believe in
and these ghosts float through my hallway laughing as I try to breathe
they’re inside of me
they knock the wind out of me

days turn into months inside of me
but the minutes drag on by like you wouldn’t believe
so time slips by and slides aside
tiny words flash on a screen
subtitles used to rule my life
they'd get the better of a lesser me
all these things that you couldn’t see


there are things I wish you wouldn’t have left with me
simple little reminders my eyes had to see
and you never gave me any closure
so I had to build my own
I got a truck and struck out on the road
it sure is quiet when I’m alone
but sweet Virginia guides me home

Track Name: Plastic Dreams
a troubled mind it seems I hide myself
from what I truly need
cheap disguise put on to blind each other
from necessities
it’s a plastic dream
lived out to fill between the lines
don’t hide from me
your feet can’t keep up with a lie

lonely nights I count them one by one
bittersweet tranquility
come get high with me and close your eyes
I’ll tell you who I’m gonna be
these plastic dreams
they help me get some sleep at night
and if you can’t tell me
well I need to move on with my life

looking into your eyes, I just see the wall
thats right behind you, but oh you're walking tall
your lies will bind you, and they wont catch you when you fall
I’m right behind you, but you’ve put your back against the wall

I still taste the ginger of your lips
but you’re getting harder and harder to see
clinging helplessly to whatever's left of us
well just forget silly old me
these plastic dreams
they instill forgotten blissfulness
now what’s wrong with me
I need to push towards the light that’s guiding me

so much tension lingers in the air, so tell me
whats it gonna be?
last ditch effort made to save yourself
once again you've forgotten me
these plastic dreams
they highlight the ugly things you hide
and you best believe
that I’ve got to let you go tonight, so easily

why can’t I breathe?


these plastic dreams
they show us what life’s really like
and if you’re done with me
well I need to move on with my life
let me please
Track Name: She's Gone
whiskey on the nightstand
and a pounding in my head
there’s no answer, there’s no cure for what’s gone wrong
I’m stepping into battle
with all these demons in my bed
the conflicts all resolve once I’m gone

sometimes it’s so tough
to be so hollow of love
you bleed just to know that you're alive
so bum me a cigarette
and slip me some wine
til I believe that you’re here by my side

now I’m recirculating everything that’s gone
in this poor old drawn out month
I swallow my pride to see the things that I’ve done
I’m wishing I could make it up to you
but we both know there’s no way
oh god please help me learn from my mistakes

because she's gone

sometimes it’s so tough to be on your own
sometimes it’s so hard to know exactly what to say when you get home
sometimes it’s so tough to treat you like gold
sometimes it’s so hard to look in the mirror but feel so old
what was it like for you?
Track Name: Oncoming Lights (For Casey)
oh my dear please sing to me
oh my dear listen to me
don’t go home
tonight would be too soon

driving down 64 alone tonight
the rain patters soft and the oncoming lights
they shine
straight through my weary eyes

I try to explain but they don’t listen to me
I’ve gotta tear down walls just to make them see
just why
my hearts colder by and by

I’m unloading groceries in the pale moonlight
the driveway never seemed so long
I look up at the sky
the stars don’t shine as bright
these memories are getting even harder to see
it doesn’t sit well to make my mind believe
but I try and try and try
and stumble back into the night

just when you think its time to make me believe
another notch on the post, another stain on your sleeve
it’s about time
I took your picture down anyway

your friends I never knew them well, let’s say
but I was in the old flat yesterday
and something told me to stay
I wish I knew what it was

so I could drown out all these feeling that tug
and tear at my soul
I feel so strung out on a drug
that’s never quite enough

and the snow
it falls so slow
please don’t go
life keeps doing this to me
I’m unloading groceries in the pale moonlight
the driveway never seemed so long
I look up at the sky
the stars don’t shine as bright
these memories are getting even harder to see
it doesn’t sit well to make my mind believe
but I try and try and try
and stumble back into the night

oh my dear please sing to me
oh my dear listen to me
don’t go home
tonight would be too soon
Track Name: I Feel Fine (Everything's Alright)
I can still hear that night ringing in my head
I’d ask again but this is best unsaid
I’m losing track of who I might be
cos we've probably done this seven times this week

so I’m not sure what you mean when you say goodbye
you leave in the morning but you call me at night
play me for a fool well thats just fine
I hope he makes you feel alright

after all I’m to blame I can’t hold my lines
now bad is OK, and OK is just fine
but it’s so easy just tuck me in, kiss me goodnight
and everything’s alright

nobody said it was fair, nobody was right
but I did what you asked, and gave you all that time
even at your best you’re just like the rest
you hung me out to dry

today I’m not lucky enough to see you smile
last I saw your bare feet, yea they were strolling out the door
sometimes I just sit and think about how I’m all alone

and it always seems to play out in my mind
it'll all be over in a matter of time
I've done it before so I can do it again
just let me go home with you tonight

but it’s funny when all your walls start caving in
well if there ever was a bottom, I was staring at it
I needed something to feel alive
but I couldn't use you again that night

(how I feel fine)
Track Name: Roanoke
peace of mind
as the lights flicker on the old highway sign
I’m southbound tonight
and thats alright

the old sign reads to me
well you’re headed for roanoke son
you won’t find you no dignity
but at least you’ll have some fun

so I’ll stay up all night talking
just as long as it’s with you
my friends tell me I’m crazy
that I should find somebody new

but they don’t see you the way I do
they don’t see the way you smile
I might just buy a ticket now
just to see you more time

and I’ll keep saying I love you
until the day one of us dies
I know it probably bugs you
but at least I’m no surprise

if I only get to see you
maybe once or twice a year
I’ll consider that my savior
I’ll consider you my greatest fear

and I know that you still miss me
I just wish sometime you’d call
it’s only life
but we just get one before you fall

I know that you still worry
I know that you still care
but this feeling never sets you free
don’t let it claim you while you’re fare

it’s the hour of my salvation
sit back and watch the rolling tide
but I’ll pine just a few more months
I’ve learned just how to swallow pride


thank god we fell in love
thank god we fell apart
you’re never gonna have a good ending
if you can’t legitimize the start

but I’m gonna make you my daydream
I’m gonna let you fill my heart
I’m gonna watch you climb on that plane
and leave me acting out my part

I’m gonna watch you fly home
and leave my broken heart
you might not be my lover
but you’re my friend

you might not ever be mine again
but I guess I’ll never forget
the day that I first met you
and the day you made me fall
Track Name: Coast To Coast
spent so many days away from home
made friends with all these walls around my bed
I thought it'd help me out, but this time alone
just amplifies the sorrows in my head

oh, these days away from home, the silence holds me close
oh, but they still look to me like I deserve a toast
a darker side of me
king of the underworld

my eyes were blue when I met you
but now they're just a hollow shade of grey
the things that you and I could do
we grew more alive with each and every day

oh, those days away from home, how I had held you close
oh, but that was long ago and that poor feeling’s lost
a darker side of me
king of the underworld

the things that you made me believe
my heart was always bleeding on my sleeve
but I’d still build that bridge for you
to come knock it down and burn it in my sleep

oh, those days away from home
my friends would keep me close
for a constant fear that they might hear
I’d flown the coop, a tragic overdose
a darker side of me
king of the underworld

and today we still have things to say
we smile and nod and hug when we say ‘’goodbye''
but if I told you these feelings are gone
we'd both know that’s just another Friday night lie

oh, these days away from home
we chat from coast to coast
oh, but these simple little things
the ones I want the most
that darker side of me
king of the underworld
Track Name: Wish I Had The Sense
sometimes a room full of strangers
is better than a house crammed full of your friends
nobodies trying to dig, buy, steal, or cheat their way out of here
nobodies looking out to play pretend

and what’s to be, hey don't ask me for no favors
I’m pissed enough about this neighborhood I’m living in
they all try and see it through to the end but the only thing
that’s got my attention tonight, god damn it’s you

and I don't know what exactly I’ve done wrong
but my list of mistakes always growing, tonight it’s nine years long
but hell at least I aim for a little bit of honesty
there ain’t nobody else out there that loves you like me
there ain’t nobody else out there that's just like me

like ice on pavement, it burns cold then fades away
and all you've got to show is a row running down to the sewer
it was the right place at the wrong time, I hear that shit every other day
I wish we'd done what we did any other way
I wish I had the sense to look the other way

but sometimes that old courtyard full of my friends
is better than that stuck up house that you've been living in
nobody’s trying to dig me out from my philosophy
nobody’s convincing you that they can outdo me
nobody get’s in the way of you and me

it was the right place at the wrong time
start it up we’ll do it all again today
sometimes I still wonder what you'd say
and I wish we’d done what we did any other way
I wish I had the sense to ask you to stay