Over Too Easy

by Ban Hatton

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gonna take an eastbound highway no one’s ever heard of and then I’ll walk back honey, I promise Ill be right home I’ve got bags to pack but I don’t have a dollar on me I spent the last I had on a tall cool pint of Bud I told em I was 18 so they’d me sail me round the globe I’m gonna send my love stateside when they take roll call I don’t know what I’ll see, I’m scared to death to be honest but I’ll live my life however it falls on the floor BRIDGE so hold your candle close to see the words I’ve scratched inside these walls hold your candle close to me help me shine a guiding light back home CHORUS so I’ll hold myself up tall and never let go hold yourself up tall if you never know what are you supposed to learn from me? and who am I supposed to be today? I’ll hold myself up tall if you never let go no matter how many years you stack on a stubborn body the mind stays sharp but the soul, cold as stone and I don’t think those scars from a life lived fast and reckless will ever fade in a way that seems calm and slow but doctors say I got too much of him in me self inflicted flaws, well I’m proud of em all I can feel his restless spirit somehow guide me all I hope is that it stays, wherever I go BRIDGE CHORUS
I can see by the way you stare at me that heaven is just a place you'll never see but I’ve been trudging up a mountain just to see across the road it’s times like these oh lord they’re sure nice to know but now it’s time for me to go home (chorus) but icy silence follows every footstep I believe in and these ghosts float through my hallway laughing as I try to breathe they’re inside of me they knock the wind out of me days turn into months inside of me but the minutes drag on by like you wouldn’t believe so time slips by and slides aside tiny words flash on a screen subtitles used to rule my life they'd get the better of a lesser me all these things that you couldn’t see CHORUS there are things I wish you wouldn’t have left with me simple little reminders my eyes had to see and you never gave me any closure so I had to build my own I got a truck and struck out on the road it sure is quiet when I’m alone but sweet Virginia guides me home CHORUS
oh where do I go if I’m not home by midnight my old man will bury me but I know that if I start to slow you can find me where the sun sets low and the moonlight falls on the sycamore trees so please don’t speak to me until you find the words that you truly mean fall across my ears so peacefully leave don’t stay with me I’m gonna lie right here and find my peace while the crickets sing a song through the back door screen CHORUS but I can’t see through the sheets that bind my soul I’ve got no place for me to call my own well these fears still hide I can’t abide by time where words collide, I can’t move down the path with this thorn in my side so when, when you hear me leave just rest your head and don’t worry my dear its just another passing day inside a horrible year CHORUS
it’s been a couple days since I’ve seen you smile come sit by me, turn the radio down and stay a while you were so pretty that day in your dancing shoes and that polka dot dress just spinning around the room laughing with a room temp drink in your hand why don’t you stay with me, just a little bit, I know you can cos’ those butterflies fade, but in that moment I saw I saw it in you, and in me, in your eyes, God I want it all and as you’re dancing with him, only I know the truth he ain’t the one, I am, and I see it in you and now these memories fade, not only out of design but of the stone cold truth, there’s just no fire so I stumble out of Red’s and stay up late tonight sitting by the river hoping you just might float by
she put herself on a plane to nowhere she couldn't get far enough from him all the time he'd steal, all the cuts that just won't heal all the pain she'd take from him all the pain she would take form him and all my life I've stumbled through the night when I met you, and you found me right outside where we first shared candlelight but you're now gone and it's just me you're now gone and it's just me so take my hand tonight, let's dance beneath the moonlight I'll sing songs and you'll be free but I smell smoke subsiding, so lets stomp out the campfire you'll tell stories while I sleep you tell stories in my sleep and all my life I've stumbled through the night when I met you, and you found me right outside where we first shared candlelight but you're now gone and it's just me and this old house is all you see
lately I've been thinkin about an old trailer on the edge of town a bunch of marlboro cigarette butts thrown all over the ground but lately I’ve been thinkin how my job don’t pay enough I’m gonna hook the house to the 79 and pick a lot near Bremo Bluff I might find me a wife or two I might even buy a rifle I'm gonna sing sad songs at the local bar if they’re rowdy I don’t mind the trouble I might even have the freedom to sin without the blue lights chasing me down you can find me outside with a mean old bride catfishing on the edge of town CHORUS God knows my friends don’t care God knows my family won’t I might stick around here for a couple of years or I might just punch it and bolt I don’t know whats next in this cruel charade that’s gonna push me to the edge of my mind I guess I’ll write a few songs nobody will hear we all know they ain’t got the damn time if I can tell you anything about the man I am I can't promise a thing at all so take a swing and a miss, well you’re cutting your wrists you might as well pack a U-Haul cos I’m sorry that I can’t pay rent today even though that I promised I could baby I’m not built for this type of life I belong alone out in the woods CHORUS
little white lie little girl popping adderall she’s such a loud hot mess got me feeling sentimental now the open road with her will clear your head remind you who you’re gonna be but her home is gonna chain you down it’s never gonna set you free lean in close enough to feel your breath slowing on my skin the way this place feels changes every single time you walk back in so don’t stop now tear me down and make me play the part grab your coat and pay your tab we’ve still got a few hours in the dark (chorus) but I can see something wrong keep’s happening and I don’t know what it is, I just wanna go home tonight to see all my family I need my brothers nearby they’re just about all that will get me right get me right such a ground shaking girl with such a tiny little silhouette don’t think you’ll make it out alive she’ll make you hedge your bets pack your bags, before you know she’s hustled you right down the road she’s gonna build you up fast but she tears you down oh so slow CHORUS I woke up yesterday and read the news this stuff just makes me fall apart I can’t imagine what it’s done to you thank god you’ve got such a true heart I know the end is such a long ways out what’s in your way is now a wall but Josh believe in me you’re gonna see you’re still standing oh so tall CHORUS
so nice to see tucked so tight beneath the sheets not a worry left in this world just a tired mind at peace so I do believe I've seen all that I need a pocket full of haunting reminders, I'll take them where I need to be CHORUS- so I rake up the leaves, gas up the old tractor procrastinate with me honey, later on we move a little faster I miss that old town, and the people we used to be but when I turn that key over, it comes rushing back to me oh momma don’t you see I still hold to my beliefs I'm just a little country jaded, a little older than I used to be I still talk to my sister, made some friends kinda like me I’ve got plans for tomorrow, they’re just not a priority CHORUS the smell of California breeze blowing through Torrey Pines it keeps my feet north of Hell, a little peace to my mind sunny days are my provider, a good living gives me the time but any other world I'd be born in, his beer would sit right next to mine CHORUS who am I to die now? and who are you to change? I can’t stop my direction, I can’t stop because you stay now who am I to be now, but what anybody else should need? I put that town in my rear view, and watch those thin white lines fade but outside that house I look inside to see the right side of the bed was just the wrong place to be torn pages are my reminder, lost souls are God’s decree my bones feel so hollow, but Dad's head and the heart is for me
sometimes a room full of strangers is better than a house crammed full of your friends nobodies trying to dig, buy, steal, or cheat their way out of here nobodies looking out to play pretend and what’s to be, hey don't ask me for no favors I’m pissed enough about this neighborhood I’m living in they all try and see it through to the end but the only thing that’s got my attention tonight, god damn it’s you and I don't know what exactly I’ve done wrong but my list of mistakes always growing, tonight it’s nine years long but hell at least I aim for a little bit of honesty there ain’t nobody else out there that loves you like me there ain’t nobody else out there that's just like me like ice on pavement, it burns cold then fades away and all you've got to show is a row running down to the sewer it was the right place at the wrong time, I hear that shit every other day I wish we'd done what we did any other way I wish I had the sense to look the other way but sometimes that old courtyard full of my friends is better than that stuck up house that you've been living in nobody’s trying to dig me out from my philosophy nobody’s convincing you that they can outdo me nobody get’s in the way of you and me it was the right place at the wrong time start it up we’ll do it all again today sometimes I still wonder what you'd say and I wish we’d done what we did any other way I wish I had the sense to ask you to stay
I left my soul by the riverbed but I dug up my heart and dragged it all the way home all these pretty little people I know well they’re right and they’re wrong and they just wanna go home I broke a 20 dollar bill and started drinking alone but the man at the bar he sent me packing on home the simplest days are the ones where she’s away but if I close my eyes she’s right back here today so buy and sell my name it still wont buy out the blame I’m tired of these silly little games surely theres some other way we're headed 8 hours south and just to help a buddy out half asleep in the car but ain’t nobody got a doubt that all these miles are worth a single damn smile if you cannot agree our common ground’s the enemy so buy and sell my name it still wont buy out the blame I’m tired of these silly little games surely theres some other way


Recorded and Mixed at Montrose Recording Studio, Richmond Virginia. Mastered by Resonant Mastering in Seattle Washington.

Released Independently
Web/Graphic Design and Cover Art by Michelle Lefebvre


released July 6, 2018

Songs by Ban Hatton
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Adrian Olsen
Sound Engineering and Vocal Production by Alexandra Spalding
Mastered by Ed Brooks
Voice, Guitar, Harmonica - Ban Hatton
Guitars, Bass, Farfisa - Alan Parker
Guitars, Basses, Hammond, Piano, Farfisa - Charles Arthur
Drums and Percussion - Pinson Chanselle
Bass - Zach Wish


all rights reserved



Ban Hatton Richmond, Virginia

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